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Financial Planning

Put Cash In Your Hands Now

If you currently hold a private mortgage or any type of note we have access to many investors who are willing to buy your cash note, which will put cash in your hands now. We specialize in this field and can guarantee you the highest pay out. We have many affiliations allowing us exposure to the best and most profitable investors.

We Can Help Each Other

By allowing us to sell your note for you. There are several benefits to you for selling your note:
  • Immediate Cash. You do not have to wait for a check each month.
  • Remove all Risk. You no longer have to be concerned if you will get paid.
  • Cash you recieve now can be invested in other areas
  • No longer need to be concerned about foreclosure if your payer defaults.

If you are interested PLEASE CALL: 631-645-1410

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To list a note to be sold you can enter your information securely online here

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