At a young age of 12, Bill's successful career started. Due to medical problems his father had several jobs and Bill would work with him at his part time job in the supermarket. By the age of 16 Bill was the youngest Frozen Food Department manager. Over the next 2 years he continued to excel in the supermarkets, attaining several departmental management positions and culminating in inception to the managers training program.

In 1975 looking to further his knowledge and experience in a more desirable field he left the supermarkets and took a job as electronic technician with Anorad. Anorad at the time was an innovative company in the robotics field, manufacturing precision positioning systems. This position paid a fraction of the pay he was making at the supermarkets. Within 1 year his salary was back and working as an engineering assistant. Over the next 4 years Bill progressed at Anorad developing and building many new robotic systems. These included machines to produce Comforters, IC circuits, Automobile tires, and many other products for major manufacturers. For these projects he would design the electronic controls of the machines, oversee the manufacture and software controls of the product and then implement and install at the customers site.

In the early eighties Bill saw that in the future computers would play a major role in our society and there would be a need for computer consultants. With this in mind he left Anorad and opened up his own computer consulting company. As this was a new concept many people where unfamiliar with this concept and also on computers themselves. Due to this lack of knowledge the first few years where very slow and hard. During this time Bill expanded his knowledge and the company. Having a strong hardware background and a Love for programming he was able to supply his clients with both software and hardware solutions. As computers became more and more sophisticated he was then able to offer networked systems as well as individual systems and complete customized software systems.

Bill has an advanced ability to quickly assess a situation and propose a solution. He is capable of learning a company's procedures and business within a very short time and then develops a business plan for creating a computerized solution. This solution would not only improve the companies operations, but also allow them to work more profitably as well as increase their business without increasing expenses. Over the next several years this was proven with many clients. His company increased in size to having 4 programmers and 2 hardware installers and network specialists, as well as an office staff. Client systems developed encompassed all sectors including insurance, manufacturing, wholesalers, distributors, Colleges, and medical billing with supporting systems. All these systems included customized software and hardware.

By 1990 Bill encountered some life changing personal problems, and was forced to let go of the business. Over the next 2 years his work was the same but for only a few select accounts. He then started specializing in the Health field having developed specific software for this industry. Working with a few accounts he was then able to continue as before but now only focusing on one industry. During this time he developed a complete software system for health providers. This included all internal operations as well as all accounting functions. In addition to this he developed several systems for handicapped individuals, allowing them to perform every day functions. For example he developed a specialized cash register that allowed a handicapped individual to work at a store and be a cashier. This register encompassed specialized hardware that he engineered and made for the application as well as a complete software system from scratch. The register allowed a person with limited motor control to operate it.

After a few years most of the work needed for this industry was done and the projects became less and less. In a search for additional work, Bill then switched to the electronics distribution industry. Finding another niche market he started focusing all his efforts to this. A complete software system was developed for accounting, distribution, and warehousing. These systems also included complete software programs from scratch, and many hardware solutions. These included complete development, production and implementation of an automated consolidation rack for order processing. This allowed an operator to consolidate orders without any knowledge of any kind. Also systems where in place for controlling product flow in the warehouse, integration into carousel systems, shipping systems, front and back office systems. He developed, engineered, and produced all these systems, taking an electronic distributor to complete 100% automation.

By the year 2000 this work was completed and Bill started working for MRP Electronics. MRP is an electronic broker. Taking the distribution system, Bill then streamlined the broker industry, developing a proprietary software system for electronic brokers. Currently 5 brokers are using this system, including MRP Electronics. Also at this time Bill saw that the Internet was growing very quickly and provided a means for businesses in the future. He started learning more about web programming and Internet systems. He expanded his client base to know include clients for web services, including web design and programming as well as hardware systems for the Internet. He now maintains his own small hosting company Liwebworlds.

Over all the years and the many clients that have been automated, they all realized major savings as well as increases in productivity and profits, utilizing the systems and ideas developed by Bill. He not only helped in saving with the computer systems but with many ideas for everyday operations. These included improved phone service, and systems, as well as Internet services. Savings always exceeded double the amount of payments made to bill, and where savings that was realized year after year. The one company for Electronic Distribution saved over 1 Million in there first year.

Bill is the type of person always looking to learn and improve as well as being an innovator. Over the last 2 years he has taken on managing all operations of MRP Electronics. He manages a sales team of a minimum of 8 sales people, working with them on all aspects. In office management there is a small staff of 4 people, but all business operations are overseen. During this time he has taken the company from a down turn, due to loss of key personal, to a very profitable 2006, and much smoother operations. Sales revenue increased by 2 million with profitability up over 1 million for the year. In addition to management Bill has also been providing purchasing of the electronic components in the Asian market. In this process many new procedures and alliances have been formed. These include sourcing of new suppliers and stricter Quality management procedures. Systems and hardware have been adapted for this purpose.

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