Applications Programmed (Clarion)

MRP Electronics, Inc., Mineola, NY
Electronic Components Broker

Designed, developed and implemented a complete Enterprise system, controlling all functions of the business. Incoming requisitions handled uniquely, being integrated into purchasing and sourcing and specialized procedures for sales and purchasing. Included order entry, purchase orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, inventory management and control, warehouse control, shipping, invoicing, manifesting, receiving, contact management, user security and login. Incorporated separate administration module controlling all system functionalities, and several backend processes that processed large amounts of data, specifically: document and warehouse printing, emails, data imports and lengthy data processes. Also included independent automatic sourcing module that automatically sourced requirements against specialized web sites for the industry. System was also interfaced to the web site.

System included 4 main exe modules for departmental access and 16 DLL modules compromising over 530 procedures.

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Electro Dynamics, Inc., Hauppauge, NY
Electronic Components Distributor

Took over completing, and fixing Enterprise system controlling all functions of the business. Application was in Clarion Dos version 2.0. Took system and made functional so company operations could continue, then improved many aspects. System included full accounting system and many industry specific functions. Integrated system into the warehouse, including full integration and control into White Systems automated Carousel system. Designed, and built including programming of an automated consolidation rack that was then integrated into the White Carousel and in house custom application. Integrated system into independent manifesting system and UPS World ship. Added in automatic credit card system that took completed orders and automatically charged the credit cards. Integrated credit cards into accounting allowing full control and monitoring.

After systems where fully functional, they where then converted to windows, at the time version C2 and C4. Web site was then integrated into the system.

North Shore Today, Syosset
Weekly Publications

Designed, developed and implemented proprietary in house system controlling all aspects of the company. Original system was developed in Dos version 2.0. Handled specialized accounting unique to North Shore Today as well as handling of all procedures specific to a publisher. This included integration of the system with the g raphics department.

Recently moved the application into windows, C6 version. Improved some processes, specifically in the integration into the graphics department. The system now handles automatic layout of ads and creation of the final PDF file for the printer.

Continental Restaurant and Bar Supply, Hicksville

Designed, developed and implemented an in house accounting system. They needed the system to be windows based and follow Real World Accounting systems Dos version. Added in many attributes and procedures unique to their operation. Modules included are order entry, accounts receivable, purchase order, accounts payable, sales analysis and inventory management.

Sullivan Diagnostic Treatment Center, Harris, NY
Handicapped Health Provider

Designed, developed and implemented proprietary specialized non-profit accounting and billing system. Included accounts payable, general ledger, billing, and fixed assets. Many reports and controls where in place for audits and regular reporting to certain agencies. Included automated billing systems to the state and federal governments.

Developed systems to work with handicapped individuals. A specialized cash register that utilized special input devices as well as touch screen, automatic cash draw and change dispensers. Integrated into engineered checkout counter that handle automatic processing of product.

Developed a system that handled farming as well as automatic control of the environment of a green house. Project was cancelled before fully being implemented.

Internet Café, Blue Point

Developed software system that controlled access to several computers and simple accounting. Users would pay for time, which would then allow access to the computer for the allotted time paid for.

CCS, Port Jefferson, NY

Designed a version of Windows 95 operating system to control access to the computer. Systems where placed into Hotels and users would purchase time. System would automatically charge the credit card and then allow access to the system for the specified period of time. Once time was expired the system would log the user off. Warning where displayed at 1 minute intervals starting at 5 minutes, as well as a timer window was always shown. Tracked additional charges for printing, as well as restricted access to upper level processes and functionality. Also developed office based system to poll machines in the hotels for billing information.

Island Model Supply, Hauppauge

Developed an accounting and distribution system for the wholesale industry. Included order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, warehouse management, sales analysis and general ledger.

Genco Auto Electric, Holbrook
Auto electric manufacturer

Developed an in house system to handle all process from manufacturing to accounting. System was Dos based system.

Triangle Inn, Ronkonkoma

Developed billing and client control system for Social Services. Tracked clients and dates provided for Social Services. Specialized reporting and controls where added in. Automatic billing and integration into Social Services.

Captain Nunzio’s, Port Jefferson
Boat Canvas Manufacturer

Designed, developed and implemented a proprietary system controlling all workflow within the company, including accounting. Handles all aspects from estimating through manufacture and installation. Includes all accounting functionality as well as industry specific operations.

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