I graduated from Sachem High School with Honors. Out of 1230 students I was ranked 20, being in the top 2% of my class, with an average over 95 and several credits towards college from advance placement courses for English, Science and Calculus. I graduated a member of the National Honor Society and with an advanced regents diploma.

My first semester of College was at SUNY Albany with a major in Astronomy. After the first semester the Astronomy program was discontinued and I transferred to SUNY Stony Brook with a Major in Computer Science.

At the age of 19 I was attending college full time and working in the super markets as a produce manager assistant. I had extensive experience in the supermarkets and was then on the training program for produce manager making $40,000 per year. Many associates I knew where very highly regarded executives that all had advanced training and no degrees. I strongly felt that the education I was receiving was not fully applicable to life situations. Many executives told me that most of what I would learn in college would never apply.

I was offered an opportunity to start a new position in a new career, electronics. I left school and started working full time as an electronic technician making $12,000 per year. I started at the bottom so I could learn all that was needed. Within 6 months I advanced and by the end of the first year I attained over $40,000 per year with unlimited potential. Over the next 4 years I learned all about business, company operations and much more then I would have ever learned in school. I have earned my degrees through life experiences and have worked in every capacity in business, from the bottom all the way to the top positions.

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