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Advanced Home Alarm System

A completely installed system, including up to 10 doors or windows, 3 pet immune motion detectors, and 2 keychain remotes, all for only $600.00.

No contracts needed, if you want central station monitoring a $20 per month fee applies for as long as you want the service. You can cancel the central station monitoring at anytime without any penalty.

  • All Wireless
  • Central station monitoring or Self monitoring (will call you directly)
  • Digital backlit LED Display
  • Off Site Control, Control entire system from your cell phone
  • History Logging, stores the last 100 events
  • Arm and Disarm delay programming for any zone
  • Stay at home feature, with one key you can arm the system and bypass specified zones (motion detectors)
  • Telephone anti cutting feature
  • Keychain remotes included (set of 2)

Call Now: 631-946-2476

Comparison to Free Systems

Several companies are offering free installed systems. When you sign up with these companies you are required to sign a contract for a minimum of 5 years. During that time you will be paying a monthly fee of at least $35, and cannot cancel the contract. If you do cancel or stop paying you are liable to pay for the equipment and installation in full. There is no pro rating of the charges. If you cancel on day one or 4 years later you pay the same amount.

With our system there is no contract. What you pay now is all you have to pay. The system is designed to allow for self monitoring. This means that when the alarm is set off, it will call up to 6 phone numbers you specify. When you receive this call you can call the police yourself or call into the system to see what zone set off the alarm. If you choose to have central station monitoring, it is only $20 per month with no contract. You can stop the monitoring at any time.

System Details

Door/Window Sensors:

Measurements are:
1 5/16'' Wide
2 3/4'' Long
9/16 '' Thick
Range: 240 Feet Restricted - 450 Feet Unrestricted

Pet Immune Motion Detectors:

Adjustable for Sensitivity.
Viewing Area is 145 Degree Horizontal - 90 Degree Vertical.
Range of sensor: 35-40 Feet.
Range: 240 Feet Restricted - 450 Feet Unrestricted.

Keychain Remotes:

Controls system within 240 Feet Of Keypad.

Glass Break Detector: (Optional $50 Installed)

Adjustable and Shock Sensative.
Will Cover A Large Area Of Windows.
Radius Coverage Is 50 Feet.
Range: 240 Feet Restricted - 450 Feet Unrestricted.

Smoke Detector: (Optional $50 installed)

System immediately dials emergency numbers in case of fire.
Range: 240 Feet Restricted - 450 Feet Unrestricted.

Call Now: 631-946-2476

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